The great oxymoron – football codes and itegrity

It always makes me laugh when some die-hard fans confuse their love of their favourite team or football code with the notion that integrity/decency is intrinsically part of that culture.  From my experience, I can safely say that rugby union makes a genuine attempt to align their culture with community expectations around common decency but when it comes to some of the other codes, to associate them with words like “integrity” is an oxymoron.  Or maybe even just remove the first three letters and see what’s left! No amount of school/hospital visits, anti-bullying programs and junior coaching clinics can hide the reality that these “businesses” deal only in one currency – winning at any cost.  Right or wrong is merely a matter of convenience.  Here’s an excellent piece by Patrick Smith in The Australian which speaks to my point exactly.

6 thoughts on “The great oxymoron – football codes and itegrity

  1. Mmmm – Your Rugby bias is showing Foxy. Kurtley Beale was charged with assault last year, but was allowed to play on.

    “The Australian Rugby Union postponed a disciplinary process concerning Beale until the legal matter was resolved, meaning he has available for all representative selection since the alleged offence.

    Remove the second sentence from your article and its a little closer to the truth. None of the codes want to take the hard decisions. All of them are treading on eggshells about how to treat bad behaviour by players.

  2. Another reason why this is hard. Have you read this article about the Brett Stewart case?

    The NRL suspended Stewart immediately after the allegations, which I agreed with wholeheartedly at the time. After reading this, I felt terrible for my misjudgement of him. It is hard for sports to work out when to give players the natural justice of a legal process or when to ‘disown’ them immediately to protect their own reputations.

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