Our kids are safer when we take violence against women more seriously

Following my interview on 612ABC on Monday morning, (http://blogs.abc.net.au/queensland/2014/02/a-few-good-men.html), there has been a lot said about the ongoing tragedy of violence against women.  There is credible evidence to suggest that 50-70% of men who commit acts of violence against women, also go on to hurt their children. Ignoring the first issue inevitably leads to a higher probability of more innocent people being harmed. Here is an excellent article that speaks to this very point. 


1 thought on “Our kids are safer when we take violence against women more seriously

  1. Hi Michael, Listened to the interview you did with Steve Austin. Was very impressed, the way personalise these issues with the boys. As you say it makes them think about it more when it could be their sister, mother etc. not just a random female. The law definately needs to be changed in regard to domestic violence. I look at my situation & when I was in court I was made to feel like I was the one at fault, he has got away with it & financially destroyed me in the process. But he cannot control me any more & I will continue to fight for the rights of my children to be safe & happy. I don’t understand how the family report writer recommended he should have more time with the girls considering all of the things they told her & that they only wanted to spend every second weekend with him. She completely disregarded their wishes in her recommendation to the judge! I have no faith in the legal system anymore.

    Hope you & the family are well.

    Kind Regards


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