Where’s the fine line between marketing and marketability for sport?

Happy New Year. The recent Shane Warne situation throws up some interesting questions.  Was that sort of incident good for the promotion of the game, will it bring more crowds to the ground (and to Foxtel), will the marketing dept be secretly thanking Warne for breathing “passion” into a contest that was fizzling out?  On the other hand, with kids watching on prime-time tv, is this what we need to see to try and attract more kids to sport (cricket in particular)?  Is marketing and marketability two different things?

Here’s an article I wrote recently for Cricinfo.  The 170+ reader comments are interesting.  Most people seem to agree with me that the behaviour was unacceptable from a role-modelling perspective but there were a few people who argued the opposite.  Fair enough too.  Some of them sent me some hate mail to my private email address, suggesting that I learn to become a “real man” (whatever that means).  All very amusing.  See what you think.  http://blogs.espncricinfo.com/diffstrokes/archives/2013/01/a_disgrace_to_cricket.php

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