Mad Monday in the NRL – a “free dress day” for role-models and decency

I’ve just returned from Africa to read about the Canterbury Bulldogs’ Mad Monday fiasco.  Dumb, dumb and dumber!  Given that the media effectively pay for their over-inflated salaries and egos, esp Channel 9 who have the NRL broadcast rights, the players and administrators just keep biting the hand that feeds them. It’s hard to believe that they really expect anyone to believe their version of the story.  The Channel 9 footage hardly suggests that the players were unaware of the cameras, yet they expect us to believe that all those comments were directed in-house.  Apart from a lack of taste and good manners with making the comments in the first place, regardless of who they were directed to, the excuses and the cover-ups just make these guys look like juvenile delinquents on a picnic.  If our kids behaved like this, we’d be appalled.  Or we could sign them up for a long career in rugby league!

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